Nisko Ardan Group

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The Nisko Ardan Group

Ardan Transformers is a proud member of the Nisko Ardan group. The group HQ is located in Tel-Aviv and oversee various activities in it's 25 plus companies and over 1200 employees. The group concentrate in the energy, electricity and electronic fields since 1978 it's sound financial background and impeccable track record has built a reputation of success in the Israeli energy and electricity sectors. Among it's numerous operations the group represent leading manufacturers in Israel such as Siemens, Osram, 3M, Gewiss, Flos, Infinion, Mitsubishi A/C and many more. Some of the group's companies are traded in the Tel Aviv Stock exchange where the rest are privately held.
Located in the heart of Israel's high tech industrial park, the group also invest in various start-ups, technological companies directly and through high-tech greenhouses it finance.

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