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Electrical power is the essence of our modern life. Ardan Transformers enables the transmission and transformation of this energy. Ardan Transformers (formerly known as Ardan Electrical Industries) was established in 1993 as a joint venture with German transformer manufacturer Starkstrom-SGB. Ever since its inception Ardan strives to provide top quality products with high-end solutions to meet customer's demand.
Ardan design, manufacture and service oil immersed distribution and small power transformers up to 15,000KVA and 36KV both hermetically sealed or with expansion tanks that meets IEC60076 and BS standards. In addition Ardan design and manufacture custom made transformers to meet specific design requirements such as phase shifted transformers, Peterson coils, Earthing transformers etc. Ardan Also caters the cast resin transformers market and the power transformers sectors through strategic alliances with leading manufacturers around the world. Ardan is the main DT supplier to the Israeli Electrical Co. with thousands of transformers delivered yearly and a world precedent defect rate of less than 0.004%. The Israeli/German technology places Ardan as a top quality manufacturer that meets specific customer's design specifications. High profile projects Ardan delivered transformers include: Intel Factory FAB28, Water desalination facilities in Australia, Cyprus and Israel, Oil refineries, AGIP, various utilities and more.

Our Approach

Product quality is the key, so we built our transformers around quality-driven development and unit tests. We follow the agile methodology to stay flexible and meet our customers needs.

We are doing our best to meet customer schedule and deliver our transformers on time. We provide our customers the best service experience and personal touch to make their decision as easy as possible.

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There is always a plus…

Throughout the years Ardan supplied to numerous customers where reliability, quality and cost effectiveness is crucial. Among its customers one can find Israeli Electrical corporation, Israel Air-Force, Siemens, Israel refineries, Israeli oil co., Water co. Romania rail, Nigeria utilities, German FGH laboratories, Hospitals, Universities and many more. To get a detailed list of references and more information please do not hesitate to contact one of our team members.
The PLUS promise – Expect more and get more, Ardan promises its customers the following:
Time – Ardan will meet its schedule and deliver to its customers their products on time.
Custom build – Ardan will design each and every unit to meet the specific requirements of its customers, thus assuring the most efficient and effective solution for them.
Service – Ardan will provide its customers with the best service experience they had in this industry. We will treat each and every customer as it was our only customer.
Personal Touch – Ardan's team of sales people, and  engineers are at the service of our customers to make their decision making process as easy as possible and to hold their hands from design stages all the way to installation, energizing and maintenance.
There is always a plus is our slogan, we are committed to approach our customers with positive thinking and make sure they see the benefit in doing business with us.

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